Policies & FAQ


When you initially make an enquiry about childminding you can request a more in-depth list of all my written policies, risk assessments and safe guarding details. Here I have listed a few FAQs to give you a general idea!

Q. What if I am late dropping off in the morning?
A. We’ve all been running late at some point and usually it probably won’t make any difference, however please remember that we may have plans to go out! As a rule if you are going to be more than 30 minutes late I would appreciate you letting me know as soon as you can.
Q. What if I am late collecting my child?
A. Picking up late can be inconvenient to me and to your child. Please try to always be on time to collect your child – your terms and conditions will highlight any extra charges that may be added to your account.
Q. Will I have to pay a deposit?
A. Usually no, however if you are asking me to hold a place for your child then I may ask for a week’s payment upfront.
Q. How many other children will you be looking after?
A. Ofsted’s rules state that one childminder can look after a maximum of 6 children. I aim to have 3-5.
Q. I don’t think my child will settle easily, how can you help?
A. Firstly we will have settling in sessions.  Any comforting objects that your child may rely on at home will be very welcome in my setting, whether that may be a special toy, blanket, bottle, dummy or drinking cup. These little things always help. Your child will be given the chance to explore the toys and garden with you by their side for reassurance. When you both feel happy we will work on your child staying with me. We can take it as slowly as we need to.
Q. How do you encourage healthy eating?
A. Your child will be encouraged to help prepare healthy snacks, whether that may include shopping for healthy food, washing fruit, cutting up vegetables, preparing a salad or arranging healthy food on a plate. Role play games such as shopping are encouraged and I provide a  till, plastic food and plates etc.
Q. My son doesn’t like anything on your menu can he have something else?
A. Parents are welcome to send a packed lunch and/or snacks if they wish. If the menu provided does not suit their child we can easily find something they do like.
Q. Are you open on bank holidays?
A. No, due to family commitments I am not available on bank holidays.
Q. Do you have any pets?
A. Currently we have two very friendly cats. I believe it is good for children to learn to be kind to animals – and the best place to start is usually a family pet.
Q. Will you apply sun-cream to my child?
A. As a rule I ask the parent or carer to apply sun-cream to their child before dropping off, I will of course reapply if needed.
Q. What will my child need to bring?
A. It may vary depending on the time of year and the age of the child but as a general rule some of the things I may ask you to bring will be: sun cream, sun hat, long sleeved top to cover up in the sun, rain coat, wellies, gloves and hat, sturdy shoes, coat. Please name your things!
Q. What mustn’t my child bring in?
A. Well there are plenty of obvious things that would not be welcome in my setting but also I cannot accept tablets, phones, computer equipment or anything else of value. Your child is welcome to bring a teddy or a book or a comforter of course.
Q. Do the children play outside every day?
A. Yes! We always aim to go outside in all weathers, fresh air is great for kids! If you like the idea of a forest school then you will love my setting! We go outside as much as possible.